Our Impact on Students

“WE LOVE THEO. We want him to move in. He's amazing. He comes every Saturday and one day during the week. Super easy to work with. We love him.”

Paula Mentz

“Rachel is amazing. I sit and listen while I'm in the kitchen and Will and Rachel are working in the next room. She really challenges him and makes him think. She's so kind and encouraging and I love her! They work so well together — she makes him think about his words and makes him dig deeper into himself and it's great to listen to. I just love everything about her!”

Janet McNulty

“Autumn is so great! Claire was going to drop her Pre AP Class, but Autumn came over and the next day on her test, Claire made an 85 — the highest grade in the class! She is loving her math class now. We adore Autumn and Theo, and we are recommending TKN to everyone!”

Heather Christmann

“We love Clint so much and consider him part of our family. We could NOT be happier with Clint or TKN.”

Shannon O'Brien

“Everything TKN does is exemplary, and they set such a high standard for any other tutoring business to live up to.”

Jeni Raymond

“Parker could NOT have been happier. He thought Martin was brilliant and the best tutor he's ever had! We have had a lot of tutors and they do NOT always give glowing reports, so we are thrilled with Martin!”

Anne Siller

“Clint is fabulous! He's the best thing we've done. Elizabeth is learning a lot and thinks he is amazing! Worth the expense. Thank you!”

Tracy Kettler

“I was impressed with Theo's genuine and sweet professionalism on our first call.”

Anne Csorba