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Parents, when it comes to school and to your student’s education, do you feel that what you’re doing now is still not working, no matter what you’ve done to help or how hard your student has tried? Whether your student needs homework help and test preparation or study and organizational skills, our incredible team of experts is ready to partner with and guide your student to success. Our gifted tutors optimize each tutoring session by utilizing the material that your student already sees in class, adding efficiency to study time, and preventing the burnout that can come when weighed down by extra “tutoring” work. Based on each family’s preference and availability, students may choose to work with a tutor in a private session, in a small group with friends, in a group built upon similar interests and academic levels, or any blend of the three.

TKN-trained tutors are ready to jump into your student’s current material, address the most immediate needs, and work on building the foundation once the crisis passes.

Our tutors mix their brilliant gifts with our ongoing TKN-certified training in order to establish a foundation for the rest of the material that will be presented during the current semester and beyond. Constantly assessing your student’s progress, TKN tutors are experts at building relationships that connect with students in a way that matches the style, pace, and intensity that your student needs.

Our team consists of specialists who focus their tireless tenacity on doing whatever it takes to help every student who reaches out to us.

Because of our skills in operating outside of the traditional educational model, our team has consistently seen incredible results with a wide range of students. We’ve seen it all!

Implementing effective systems and procedures that align with clearly defined goals and strategies, our tutors not only provide encouragement and support to shore up the obvious weaknesses your student displays but also work diligently to discover and bolster your student’s natural strengths.

Based on both the initial and ongoing assessments of your student, our tutors work to discover your child's optimal learning environment and to create the most effective study strategies tailored specifically for your student.

The tailored tutoring experience emanates from the TKN core belief that each person learns and absorbs information uniquely; once we discover this piece of the puzzle, our team then comes alongside students and empowers them with the confidence that comes from possessing the skills they need to succeed.

Parents regularly contact us amazed at the transformations that visibly occur in their children as a result of this personalized learning approach. They see energy and enthusiasm replace the dread and anxiety that had overwhelmed their child. Our TKN team loves to see students grow up to be fulfilled and successful adults who are living their lives with the passion and purpose that they were made to experience.

Online Tutoring

By integrating today’s most accessible technology, our tutors have also been very successful when working with students online. We diligently work to collect all the preparation essentials on our TKN checklist before beginning any remote tutoring sessions. Then we are able to establish our effective tutor-student relationship and provide the highest level of personalized service to our families, all while working within the technology that is compatible with and comfortable for the students. Many families take advantage of our online tutoring option: some supplement their in-home tutoring; others leverage their long-established tutor-student relationships into the college years; even more see the tremendous value in exclusively working with TKN’s online tutors.

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Success breeds success. Confidence breeds confidence.

Standardized Test Prep

Nothing evokes more universal disgust or disdain in the hearts and minds of parents and students than just the mention of “standardized testing.” Clearly, students who want to dominate their standardized test must add hours of preparation that extend beyond just the essential test-taking skills, tips, or tricks. Conquering any standardized test involves mastering both the knowledge to be tested and the skills to take the test. In our standardized test prep tutorials, we teach our students the essential material and the proper mindset for success. An incredible test score requires diligence, focused preparation, and constant feedback from an expert who knows the exam.

From admissions requirements and ongoing educational levels to exclusive invitations and academic scholarships, institutions utilize various standardized tests to measure students at specific benchmarks of their education. TKN's test prep courses provide students what they need to understand everything from the overall structure of these unusual tests all the way down to the question-by-question analysis needed for success, and everything in between. We offer guidance at all levels of education for the following standardized tests:

    E Level:
  1. ERB®
  2. ISEE®
  3. OLSAT®
  4. SSAT®
    M Level:
  1. ERB®
  2. ISEE®
  3. OLSAT®
  4. SAT®
  5. SSAT®
    H Level:
  1. ACT®
  2. AP®
  3. ASVAB®
  4. GED®
  5. HSPT®
  6. IB®
  7. ISEE®
  8. OLSAT®
  9. PSAT®
  10. SAT®
  11. SAT® Subject Tests
  12. SSAT®
  13. TOEFL®
    U Level:
  1. CLEP®
  2. DAT®
  3. GRE®
  4. GMAT®
  5. LSAT®
  6. MCAT®
  7. OAT®

Because admissions committees, scholarship providers, educational institutions, and prospective employers can only look at the scores from standardized tests, TKN can only measure success by how much we help your student raise that score. By applying our proven strategies, TKN’s students consistently achieve incredibly improved scores. We even have documented cases where our students’ scores have improved so dramatically that test administrators challenged the validity of the scores. Of course, all they could find each time was that a well-prepared student had mastered all that the test could throw at them. Whether your students prefer customized one-on-one prep, tailored group prep with their friends, or a combination of the two, our test prep experts arrive with the energy and skills to make that happen.

Note Taking (PattyNotes)

Parents, did you send your child off to college not knowing what would happen to all those learning accommodations that you worked so hard to obtain in high school? College students without their appropriate accommodations just sit in lecture halls overwhelmed by the task of simultaneously taking notes, copying down powerpoints, listening to the professor, and understanding the information presented. Do you want to intervene before your student grows completely discouraged and gives up because of falling so far behind? PattyNotes is the solution.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that public universities provide in-class note-takers to students who have qualifying learning differences. Historically, professors and university administrators simply find other students who had already signed up for the course and ask them to volunteer or accept low wages to fulfill the governmental obligation of compliance. Not surprisingly, the note-takers provided by the university rarely capture the information with enough detail or in a format that actually assists the student with learning differences. We have seen one-hour lectures presented where note-takers hand the student one page of notes from the lecture and say, “The rest of it is in the book.” This is unacceptable!

In response to the repeated requests of our students and parents, TKN launched PattyNotes in 2010, a note-taking service that is unparalleled in education. TKN's certified and trained PattyNotes team guarantees that every piece of essential information communicated during a lecture is delivered to your student's inbox within 48 hours. PattyNotes fill the gap for students, no matter the course, location, or mode of presentation.

Additionally, PattyNotes integrate seamlessly with the mindsets and methods of Tutor Kids Network's elite tutoring services, acting as another effective study tool tailored specifically to the needs of your student. From lecture halls to labs and group projects to test reviews, TKN provides a team of trained and certified PattyNotes experts who empower students to succeed!

Concierge Services: University Level (TKNU)

With the ever-increasing pressure of college success weighing on students comes the often overwhelming challenge of navigating seemingly endless lines, paperwork, deadlines, and approvals. The penalty for even one minor oversight can easily result in an irreversible chain of events that costs even more time, energy, and money to a family. TKN provides real-time and ongoing support for college students who do not want to face these impersonal systems alone. From clerical support with emails, administrative requirements, and complex schedules to our safety net of experience with logistics and advising, TKNU’s concierge service takes care of your student (manages all elements to ensure your students academic success). Our team is available to travel or reside on location in order to meet the direct need of the student's or family's special circumstances.

Our students consistently achieve incredibly improved testing scores.

The Birkman Method

Tutor Kids Network views each student as an individual and firmly believes that initial and ongoing assessments are required in order for the student to become successful and gain confidence. While our expert tutors make every effort to assess the student's abilities and capabilities intuitively throughout their tutoring sessions, TKN adds powerful assessment tools at strategic points throughout the tutor's relationship with each student on our way to customizing the most effective teaching style. We have seen that maturing students gain incredible insights into themselves and their futures most effectively as they enter their high school upperclassmen years and beyond. A consistent example of success shining through the use of well-timed tools and assessments comes when our students meet with Diane Van Zandt to go over their results of the Birkman Questionnaire.

Tutor Kids Network believes that Birkman Method® is one of the best tools that students and parents can use to identify strengths, needs, and stressors.

The Birkman Method® is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment designed to help you achieve more at school, at work and at home. It integrates behavioral, motivational and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction across situations. The Birkman Method® is the personality assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success.

The Birkman Method®  measures all three distinguishing factors in detail, which maximizes its potential for predicting and understanding performance:

  1. Characteristics of the individual
  2. Characteristics of the situation
  3. Interaction of the individual and the situation

Developed over sixty years ago, The Birkman Method® is a time-tested tool to understand self, understand others, and understand the interpersonal and career choices that can lead to success and well-being. It directly focuses on personality, social perception, and occupational interests measuring and reporting behavioral strengths, motivations, expectations, stress behavior, and career profiles.

Direct takeaway points from the assessment include:

  1. Identifying and maximizing strengths
  2. Selecting a college
  3. Making transitions
  4. Managing expectations versus reality
  5. Communicating effectively

The Birkman Method is the tool to understand the self and others.

Like every tool, the Birkman cannot be used to its full potential unless the users are taught how to use it. Tutor Kids Network is thrilled to partner with certified Birkman consultant Diane Van Zandt.

Diane Van Zandt
Birkman Consultant

Diane collaborates with individuals and organizations to empower them to achieve success both personally and corporately. Leaders in business, service organizations, and academic institutions rely on her pragmatic guidance. She specializes in career development, organizational effectiveness, conflict resolution, and team-building.

Diane is a popular national and international conference speaker, with experience as a guest speaker on radio and television; however, her preference is for personal interaction.

In recognition of her effectiveness as a consultant, Birkman International, Inc. presented Diane with the Excellence in Coaching and Mentoring Award.

Testimonials for the Birkman Method

“Diane is a very personable and friendly coach who gets results. She has a wonderful style of communication that allows employees to experience positive changes both personally and professionally. We’ve seen a real difference in goals, culture, business relationships and work/life balance. Our employees are happier, more engaged, and productive since we introduced them to Diane.”

Steven H. Madden, CEO & Chairman, Apex Heritage Group

“The Birkman validated specific characteristics and styles that we as parents had seen in our son. Having these stated explicitly and in understandable terms by a specialist affirmed him and gave guidelines for heading into his college years. His way of dealing with life and managing time and people were pinpointed in ways that we could specifically help him grow — and were explained to him so he can know himself better. Using the information/results, we can: guide our son to understand the ways, methods, and circumstances in which he will naturally function best, validate his specific needs and show him how to be self-aware… and we can guide him in how to realize his fullest potential. The occupation results sure made a difference in forging ahead with the appropriate college as well!”

Tamara Gallagher, Houston, TX

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