Our Message to Parents

At Tutor Kids Network, we know that parents long to see their students reach their full potential in life. We also know that everything hinges on your student's educational foundation and on the opportunities that you can put in front of your child.

So, how is the educational process going for you right now? Are you frustrated or fulfilled? Do you feel confident or concerned? Does the entire educational journey seem stressful or stress-free? Can you trust that the path your child is on is the best one available to your family?

The stress touches not only the struggling student but also the entire family. We know the overwhelming pressure that you as parents feel as you try to do the best you can to help your student. TKN combines time-tested educational truths with cutting-edge scientific discoveries in a common-sense approach that lays a successful foundation for every student.

So, you love to see your student succeed, but where do you turn when your child struggles? Family? Friends? Teachers? Counselors? Principals? What do you do when no one has the answers you need? You need an advocate and a partner who has been there before.

Over and over again, we see parents at a loss for solutions because their child has such a different approach to learning, or even to life. So, what do you do when you don't feel like you connect to your child's struggles in school or in life?

In order to cultivate the academic success that your student deserves, it is critical that you connect with someone who can custom-design a plan for your student. Starting with a thorough interview and targeted assessments, TKN tutors implement weekly processes that achieve effective learning and pass on a set of personalized skills to your child that cross over into all areas of life and truly last a lifetime.

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered how different things would have been if you had really known yourself better? How different could school have been for you? How much better could your transition from school to work have gone?

Everything hinges on the opportunities that you put in front of your child.

TKN incorporates everything that we can get our hands on in order to create a solution for your family. From an initial analysis of your student's entire academic history to conversations with you about your child's personal strengths and weaknesses, we leave no stone unturned in an effort to prepare our tutor to walk into your student's life. Tutor Kids Network offers your family a comprehensive partnership, where we implement real-time training that complements the academic workload instead of just adding more materials for your child to complete before the next session. Everything we teach is integrated into students' lives, making them more efficient and effective instead of more cluttered and overwhelmed.

Do your child's struggles lead to more struggles, and do doubts lead to more doubts?

TKN has proven that confidence breeds confidence and success breeds success. By pairing your student with a TKN tutor who will provide personalized support in a style specifically tailored for optimal learning, you will see incredible results. Not only do TKN tutors put out the fires in your student's life, but they also discover where the understanding is breaking down and work diligently to shore up any deficient areas.

Our efforts have consistently proven that actions follow beliefs. Once your child believes in himself and carries a confidence into academics, the dramatic effect on his life cannot be underestimated. By bolstering confidence and skills through our personalized approach, your child will thrive in school, not just survive.

For almost three decades, our model has proven that consistently cultivating these habits of excellence into children creates leaders who remain effective for a lifetime.

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