Derek Moore

As a prominent voice advocating for young people and their education, Derek Moore has launched a movement that is inspiring students and families throughout the world. As a result of the incredible testimonials and referrals over the last two decades, Derek continues to be amazed at the lasting impact that the exponential growth of Tutor Kids Network is having on this generation.

With the heartfelt goal of seeing every student flourish in his or her own natural gifts and abilities, Derek has watched as TKN students master the essential mindsets and skills necessary to flourish as independent, critical thinkers in academics and beyond. From his initial meeting with a family to the comprehensive TKN assessment process, Derek has partnered with families and students to empower them as they take control of their own educational experience.

Derek firmly believes that the proactive student who grows from a strong foundation will receive a more complete education and be best leveraged for a successful future. “Every educational experience requires intentional decision-making on the part of all stakeholders” is Derek’s motto. As students and parents face decisions regarding schools, classes, and extracurricular activities, these cumulative choices become the building blocks for any potential future goals and aspirations. Those who begin with an intentional goal of finishing exactly where they want to be will reach goals far beyond their years in the classroom.

Over the course of nearly three decades, Derek and his team have served thousands of families. Derek has drawn from these proven personal experiences to create a customized tutoring system that is unlike any other in the world. Leveraging phenomenal tutors with Derek’s systematized methodology enables Tutor Kids Network’s tutors to meet the imminent needs of each student. More than that, Derek makes it his goal that TKN foster a contagiously successful mindset in every home. The unprecedented results have come as students assimilate their academic training and preparation into their daily lives.

Derek has built his tutoring model with the mindset that any student can be successful if partnered with a first-class coach and provided with all the relevant tools that match that student’s talents and personality. The gold standard of Tutor Kids Network is meeting the students where they are and leveraging a series of bigger and bigger victories so that they transition into a feeling of empowerment, capability, and confidence.

Derek Moore is a true inspiration. Young people are growing up to be leaders in their fields and communities by implementing and then imparting the knowledge and life strategies that they learned under Derek’s guidance. Derek continues to expand his vision as he travels around the world in support of various educational and humanitarian initiatives but enjoys spending most of his time at home with his family in Houston, Texas.